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The Art of Doing Too Many Things at Once

It has been a while since my last post, but I assure you there are multiple excellent reasons for this.

Book 2 of Equilibria - Under an Emerald Sky

I am about a third of the way through writing the sequel to Beyond the Gloaming Pass, which I expect to come in a little longer than the first book. Probably around the 150k word mark. There is so much to cover as we wade head first into the aftermath of Book 1 and turn the world upside down (again). Here's a teaser:

A broken heart. A thousand questions. A deadly power she doesn’t want.

Her best friend’s sacrifice may have halted Langlythe’s invasion of Bantria, but for Rubriel, the fight for survival has only just begun.

The Equilibria Compendium

Curious about the lore, characters and places of the Equilibria series? This is a side-project I'm working on where I'll be adding Wiki-like entries to this site on all different aspects of the world and its inhabitants. I have to write these notes as a reference for myself anyway, so why not polish them up and post them for readers to enjoy?

These posts will expand upon topics mentioned in the books in more detail. It'll be an ongoing resource that will grow over time (slowly).

Which brings me to the title of this post...

Everything is progressing slowly, because, in addition to writing, I am also:

  • Working full time in a new role/company as Ecommerce Manager

  • Designing a resume-building app (read more about that here)

  • Plotting a long-overdue wardrobe overhaul and associated sewing projects

  • Upgrading my gaming PC

  • Learning to draw with my Wacom tablet

  • Reading other books in my genre, because perspective is important

  • Trying to get enough sleep

I love being this busy. If only there was a way to genuinely multi-task without sacrificing efficiency...

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