I always loved this quote from legendary author Terry Pratchett:

​I don't want to get a life, because it feels like I'm trying to lead three already.

Now I'm beginning to understand exactly what he meant. There are so many things in life that fascinate me, that are a joy to do - many of them without needing to leave the house. As a good friend once said, "I'm a very interesting and very boring person at the same time." He was talking about himself, but I understand what he meant now too.

​I can be a huge nerd about certain things - namely history, medicine, biology, fantasy lore - and greedily lap up the information like a pool of melted chocolate. I'm content to remain blissfully ignorant of other things, like the Marvel Universe (huh?), Hollywood gossip (why?) and seafood delicacies (who would eat something that looks like that!?).

​I devour as many fantasy books as I can get my hands on, with the occasional diversion into science fiction or purely historical fiction. Genre-bending, trope-smashing and upside down perspectives are always welcome. I seek novelty and aim to create it in my own work.

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