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Beyond the Gloaming Pass Has a Release Date!

Updated: Jun 23

Mark your calendars! On June 24th, 2023, my debut novel will hit Amazon's digital shelves. I couldn't be more thrilled!

Holding the paperback proof in my hands for the first time was a surreal moment; the moment when I saw that after 11 years of honing my craft, I made a thing and it's going out to the world!

A shout out to my beta readers, glitchhh (with a lower-case 'g', by request) and Nick Nicholas (he's a writer too; check him out here) for their invaluable feedback, which helped polish my work into the best book it can possibly be.

I can't wait to share this story with readers across Canada and around the world, and reading the feedback, comments and (hopefully!) discussion from fellow book lovers. Don't be a stranger!

Check it out on Amazon:

Thank you for your support!

Oh, and I'm already working on the sequel ;)

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